Diamond Polishing Pad Made in China

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Diamond Polishing Pad Made in China

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It is mainly made of resin as a binder and is made of high-strength rubber. It is mainly used for polishing polished tiles such as antique tiles, glazed tiles, ceramics, Huanggangyan, marble and other glazed tiles.
Mainly used for ceramic, granite, marble, semi-brick, concave and convex surface, sheepskin surface glazed tile grinding and polishing treatment. With a high light, half light, matte art effect.
Strong cutting ability; less cutting amount; good copying, fast polishing and good brightness; tight binding agent results in abrasion resistance and high cost performance.
The elastic module is mounted on an ordinary polishing machine and performs full polishing or semi-finishing on the brick surface for antique tiles, slate tiles, and the like. It has the features of good copying, strong grinding force, high polishing gloss, no wear marks and long service life.
For continuous automatic grinding machine. Specially polished antique tiles, reliable quality and high efficiency. It is suitable for the surface polishing treatment of semi-bricks and glazed tiles, with the features of profiling and high gloss. According to customer needs, production of various models, specifications of the product.
Elastic grinding blocks are mainly used for grinding and polishing of glazed bricks such as ceramics, granite, marble, semi-bricks, bumps, and sheepskins. With a high light, half light, matte art effect.Diamond Polishing Pad Made in China

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